Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pushing Daisies: 1.1 "Pie-Lette"

Series summary (from Amazon): Ned, a young man with a very special gift, discovered as a boy that he could return the dead briefly back to life with just one touch. But his random gift isn't without deadly consequences, as he soon finds out. As a pie shop owner, grownup Ned puts his talent to good use by touching dead fruit and making it ripe with everlasting flavor.

I'm watching this because: Several years ago, I remember my cousin Beth asking if I watched Pushing Daisies. (This was when it still aired on ABC.) When I said no, she told me she thought I'd like it. I filed that away but never checked it out ... until last night, when I was looking for something short and sweet to watch before bed. After coming up empty on Netflix, I started scrolling through Prime Instant Video on Amazon, and Pushing Daisies caught my eye.

Recap: As a child, Ned (Lee Pace) discovers he has a gift: his touch can bring the dead back to life. However, if the person (or animal) stays alive for more than one minute, someone else in close proximity to the "dead" person will die. Also, as Ned learns the hard way, if he touches a person he has brought back to life a second time, the person will die again ... permanently.

When private investigator Emerson Cod (a hilarious Chi McBride) learns Ned's secret, he convinces Ned to go into business with him—Ned will wake murder victims just long enough to learn their killer, and when the killer is brought to justice, Emerson and Ned will split the reward money.

Business is going great until Ned's childhood crush Chuck (Anna Friel) is murdered. When Ned wakes her, he doesn't have the heart to "kill" her ... so he lets her live, knowing he can never touch her again.

Reactions: Why did I wait so long to start watching this show? I loved everything about it—the narrator, the vivid colors, the set up, the supporting cast (except perhaps for Kristin Chenoweth, who, at least in the pilot, was a tad annoying). I had to force myself to stop watching after one episode, and as soon as I post this, I'm going back for episode two!

The next Dawson's? I'm thinking yes. Definitely.

Watch it on Amazon Instant Video.

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