First Episodes

As I search for my next "I-have-to-watch-this-right-now" show, I'm checking out the first episodes of several series that I've either never seen or have only watched one or two episodes of. Here are the shows I've been watching:

Almost Human (1.1 "Pilot")
Alphas (1.1 "Pilot")
Covert Affairs (1.1 "Pilot")
Friday Night Lights (1.1 "Pilot")
Hart of Dixie (1.1 "Pilot")
Murdoch Mysteries (1.1 "Power")
Pushing Daisies (1.1 "Pie-Lette")
Revenge (1.1 "Pilot")
Under the Dome (1.1 "Pilot")
The West Wing (1.1 "Pilot")

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