Thursday, September 2, 2021

Episode Reaction: Aşk Mantık İntikam Bölüm 10

I know ... I haven't even written about Aşk Mantık İntikam's first episode yet. But I had to get these thoughts down now, and this seemed like the perfect place to do it!

I just finished the episode that sent the fandom into a meltdown. And while I can understand why people are upset, also, I kind of feel like we've seen this movie before, and we survived. I can't imagine that the Ozan-Çağla relationship will be nearly as maddening as amnesiac Serkan and Selin in Sen Çal Kapımı. I realize that SÇK left some fans with a bit of dizi PTSD, but I figure if I can survive the SÇK 30's, I can survive anything diziland wants to throw at me! (It probably helps that I'm so wholly satisfied with SÇK season 2...) Also, I happen to love fighting Ozan and Esra, so bring on the hurt, angst, and yelling.

Should Ozan have stuck around to hear Esra's entire conversation? Yes. But any casual viewer of the Hallmark Channel has seen this situation a million times. People always walk away too early when they're eavesdropping. Those couples always manage to get back together, and EsZan will, too.

Also, Ozan's statement at the end of 9 (repeated at the beginning of 10) that the past doesn't matter anymore is a nice sentiment but totally untrue. They have SO MUCH to talk about, and it's no wonder their renewed relationship imploded in like two days. Even without the massive misunderstanding, this reunion was doomed from the start. They both hurt each other deeply, plus there's the issue of the (I'm assuming) miscarriage that Ozan knows nothing about. Neither one of them is actually ready to be back in a serious relationship with each other, and they need to have some serious heart-to-hearts. Let's also note that, unless I've missed something, Ozan still doesn't understand the part he played in their divorce. Until he listens to Esra's perspective and understands why she left him, they won't be able to truly move on.

While I wish the writers hadn't gone down the "Ozan proposes to Çağla out of anger" road, I'm willing to stick with the show to see what comes next...because there's bound to be some wonderful EsZan moments, plus we know that they are endgame. I'll just try to enjoy the ride (and the 🔥🔥🔥 chemistry).

The more I think about it, the more I think that maybe Esra should just date Çinar. Other than his confrontations with Ozan, what has he done wrong? He clearly cares about Esra, and it's not like he purposely went after Ozan's ex -- Ozan made it very clear to Esra that he didn't want anyone in the company to know that she was his ex-wife. Çinar (as we've seen him so far) is more stable, levelheaded, and patient than Ozan. That kind of relationship might be good for Esra. (I say this knowing that the original Korean version of Çinar was pretty toxic ... but I'm not seeing it in the Turkish version yet.)

***OK, in the time since I wrote this, the second trailer for the episode released. And it does look bad ... because it looks like Ozan is about to become a cheater, and I CANNOT STAND cheating plots. It doesn't matter that he loves Esra; if he's engaged to Çağla (and it certainly looks like he is), then Çağla is the only woman he should be kissing. (My Esra-loving heart truly hopes he isn't kissing Çağla, but for Ozan to kiss Esra while engaged to Çağla is cheating.) This isn't new -- it's exactly what happened with Serkan-Eda-Selin in the dark SÇK 30s. I hated it then, and I hate it now. This doesn't make me want to quit watching, but it does make me want to slap some sense into Ozan. 

***And now things keep getting crazier. Apparently there's a Twitter campaign to get the writers replaced. I haven't been in diziland long, but I've seen writer changes happen with three shows I've watched, and it was never good. (Erkenci KuşSen Çal Kapımı, Aşk Laftan Anlamaz) I don't know enough about how the industry works in Turkey to know if a Twitter campaign can be effective ... but I sure hope this one isn't! 

Late November (between episodes 23 and 24) update: Oh, sweet Becky, you knew not what was in store! Is this worse than the Sen Çal Kapımı 30's? Unequivocally yes. I wish the "fire the writers" campaign had worked. If Esra and Ozan didn't have my whole heart, I would've quit watching weeks ago. The show is a complete dumpster fire.

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